Zombie Land at SMP

October 7, 2023

Zombie Land

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After a year of the lockdown everyone thought they were safe from the virus. Vaccinations had been administered to the majority of the world population and are showing promising results. All seemed well until September 16th when the CDC announces that a new strain, the Z variant, is starting to wreak havoc around the globe. Once those that are infected with this wicked strain succumb to their affliction they come back to life as creatures with a unwavering hunger for human flesh. On October 1st over 75% of the population have contracted the Z strain and has thrown the world into an apocalyptic state. Bands of survivors are grouping together and beginning to establish strongholds to fight off this onslaught of the undead. There are rumors that CDC may have developed a cure for the virus. Survivors everywhere are attempting to infiltrate CDC locations around the world so that they can save humanity. Will you join the humans and save the world as you know it or join the zombies and bring and end to the human race? Join the fight for survival now at