Walking Dead: Saviors vs. Survivors
Paintball Scenario Game at SMP

Saturday, October 17, 2020

walking dead paintball scenario flyer

Walking Dead
One Day Halloween Scenario

As humanity struggles to survive, one leader has arisen to bring a sense of normalcy to the survivors. However in this world where factions and clans would fare best working together it’s a dog-eat-dog world. Among the factions, the Survivors, Hill Top, Kingdom, Whisperers and Saviors all struggle with the fight against the walkers.

Alliances have been made. The Survivors move forward with the ideology that they are trying to save every life. The Saviors provide protection and strength through their brutal regime – but only the strong survive.

Both factions hope that a cure is found or that the walkers ultimately are eliminated. However with each passing day, the threat grows greater. Walkers continue to come.

Pick a side and fight for either the Saviors or the Survivors.
Blue – Survivors
Red – Saviors

Event Itinerary

  • 7:30am   Gates open at the park
  • 8:00am   Registration opens for all players
  • 8:00am   SMP rental shop and chrono opens
  • 8:45am    General Safety briefing for all players
  • 8:55am    Game briefing and rules explanation
  • 9:15am    Game play begins
  • 12:30pm  Lunch break
  • 12:40pm  Playing field closed to all players during the lunch break
  • 1:05pm    Players report to the field
  • 1:15pm    Game play resumes
  • 3:00pm    Game break to prepare fro the final battle
  • 3:15pm    Final battle game briefing
  • 3:20pm    Players report to the field for the final battle
  • 3:30pm    Final battle begins
  • 4:00pm    Final battle ends
  • 4:15pm    Awards and raffle drawing