Southern Maryland Paintball

Operation Serpents Strike

Saturday, July 20th , 2024

Operation Serpents Strike

Entry Early bird


until July 13th

then it’s


Operation Serpents Strike

In the late afternoon on july 13th 2024 a message was intercepted by US Intelligence about a terrorist organization planning to attack “The old line” area . The message was then sent over to General Hawk and his team known as GI Joe. After reading the report General Hawk came to the conclusion that the terrorist organization that was behind this was their nemesis known as COBRA. In the message it stated that the attack on “The Old Line” was in reference to one place…….MARYLAND. July 19th 2024 – Cobra Commander got word that his plans were intercepted by the Joes but decided that it was now or never. He gathered his commanders and told them that Operation Serpents Strike will proceed as planned on July 20th regardless of the lack of encrypted messages sent between them and their agents on the field. Who will you side with? GI Joe who defends freedom or will you side with the ruthless terrorist organization Cobra and wreak havoc upon the populace.