Cold War Paintball
Big Game at SMP

March 11, 2023

Cold war paintball
big game

The global event spurred a race to have the deadliest of weapons and to put the first people in space. The political land grabbing of two world superpowers to acquire followers and natural resources veiled an Iron Curtain that International hatred sparked not one, but four conflicts on international soil. A peace that split a ruined city in two launched distrust and espionage to a grand scale. All for the sake of differentiated political ideologies. The Cold War is one of the most talked about events in history that has helped shape a large portion of modern society and humanity’s pursuit of knowledge and technology and ultimately, a shared peace.

Global conflicts are hell. Global stalemates are cold and tense, much like political decisions that cause wars. History cannot be unwritten, battle lines are equally difficult to erase. If we could reset the events of the world and turn back the clock would you use your power to add weight to tip the scale of war? Cast your die and pick a side. Would you decide to fight for the United States and Democracy or would you choose to fight for satellite nations looking for strong economic leadership from the Union of Soviet Socialist republics?

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