Call of duty Vendetta At
Southern Maryland Paintball

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Call of duty Vendetta




Early bird until March 2nd.
Early bird get a limited edition t-shirt. prepaid cases are $65 – $80 day off





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In the brutal winter of 1942, on the Eastern Front of World War II, a small German reconnaissance unit, led by Lieutenant Klaus Müller, is assigned a perilous mission deep within the war-torn city of Stalingrad. Tasked with gathering crucial information on Soviet defensive positions, Müller and his squad navigate through the skeletal remains of the once-prosperous city.

Unknown to them, a tenacious Soviet sniper named Captain Irina Petrova has been tracking German movements in the ruins of Stalingrad. Petrova, known for her deadly accuracy and unwavering determination, is committed to defending her homeland against the advancing German forces.