Call of Duty

August 6th 2022

On the night of August 5th Americans are sleeping peacefully in their beds when suddenly breaking news alerts appear on everyone’s phones. The alert states that North Korea has launched coordinated surprise attacks all across the United States. New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Houston all fall under their control. The U.S. military attempts to stop this invasion to no avail and is quickly overrun due to them being severely unprepared and outmatched.

On August 6th citizens across the country are banding together to fight back against this attack. They have no idea what they are in for and how difficult the fight to reclaim their country will be. These brave citizens are calling themselves the Freedom Fighters. Those not siding with the Freedom Fighters join up with the North Koreans hoping to put an end to the outdated American way of life. Will you fight for the USA and save democracy or join the North Koreans and bring an end to freedom? On August 6th the fight starts in D.C.!!!!!

Early bird registration is $30, comes with a limited edition dog tag and lasts until July 6th! After that registration is $40. Paintballs are $65 per case if pre purchased ahead of time $80 day of.
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