Paintball Camp 2017

We are pleased to announce our summer Paintball Camps. Our exciting new summer camps will be held for two weeks during the month July 2017 at the prestigious Newburg, Maryland paintball field Southern Maryland Paintball (SMP).  The camps’ instruction provides a solid foundation of the game's basic fundamentals and advances the skill set needed to win at today's top levels. Our Paintball Camps offer a full day experience for campers from all over the Mid-Atlantic.

Our paintball summer camps will provide players with absolutely everything they require for five days of intense paintball action.  These camps are a great way for young players to learn how to play the game the right way. Our camps are an intensive 5 days of paintball exercises individuals skill building exercises, and team exercises so that players will learn to operate as part of the unit.

Campers will learn snap-shooting, breakouts, bunker movements, game communication, how to develop game strategy, and more. High-level paintball players will be at each camp to coach, give examples and share stories of their experience.  Participants may bring their own equipment or use standard rental equipment, which is available at no extra cost. Paintball mask is required and is available at the field if participant does not have one. Unlimited air fills are included. Clinic price includes 1000 rounds of paint each day. Pizza and drink included each day as well. Players should bring tennis shoes/cleats, lunch, snacks, and water.

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