Silverback Productions Presents "Clue - The art of murder" on May 20th, 2017


Story Line:

Mr. Boddy, a noted philanthropist and self-made billionaire had hosted a fancy dinner party this past Friday Night for potential investors in a new project. However, much to his horror, one of his most honored guests, Venture Capitalist Martin O’Doogle was found dead out by the swimming pool. It is obvious to all that the body of the victim had been moved and staged by the killer. Mr. Boddy can’t afford a scandal. He is on the verge of completing this project that is worth tens of millions in revenue for his investment group. Thusly in an effort to keep this quiet and come to a quick resolution he has hired the two most reputable Investigative Agencies in town. B&B Investigation Services (Blue Team)... and R&R Private Investigators (Red Team). You only have 8 hours to solve the crime before the police are called.

Your Mission: Eliminate Potential Suspects from the List of Suspects. Determine the weapon used for the crime, and find the location for the original crime scene. Wrap up your investigation with your submissions, given at the end of the game. You will need to find selection locations, interview suspects, collect information to help you solve the crime.

BLUE TEAM: Bradley& Bradley Investigative Services (B&B Investigators)

RED TEAM: Rayburn & Roberts Private Investigators (R&R PI’s)


Event Pricing

$25 Early-Bird Registration:

Valid until May 1st, 2017 at Midnight

$35 Early Registration:

Valid until May 8th, 2017 at Midnight

$40 Pre-Registration:

Valid until May 15th, 2017 at Midnight



  • Free Event Microfiber
  • $10.00 off a case of Marballizer Paintballs (When pre-paid online)
  • Entry Fee
  • All day air pass
  • Limited Edition Player ID card
  • Full Rental Equipment (Free)


Clue - The art of murder - 8hr Scenario

Open mode of fire (Semi, Ramping, Burst, and Full Auto)

12.5bps (Rate of Fire)

Field speed limit will be 285fps (Feet per second)

Game Times:

Satuday May 20th, 2017

7:30am - Registration opens.

4:00pm - Final Battle

5:00pm - Awards and Raffle drawing.


Southern Maryland Paintball has free camping Friday Night, available on a first-come first-serve basis - reservations required!

Camp sites will be allocated based on number of paid players per site. (Standard size is 20' x 40')

The park opens at 3 p.m. on Friday to accommodate early camping and RV's. Registration will be open on Saturday 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

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